What is Ziggies?

Ziggies is a proven family engagement tool benefiting children between the ages of 3 and 8, giving to the parents the confidence to encourage and support their children’s love of stories and physical literacy, irrespective of their own abilities or confidence levels.


Ziggies is recognised as ‘good practice’ by Estyn

Ziggies has factored in a number of our schools going through their Estyn inspections. It is a fantastic tool for increasing parental involvement in the school and has been instrumental in developing PTA’s in school that previously had none. But don’t just believe what we tell you…. check out some head teacher testimonials below.

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Ziggies Volunteers are now receiving physical literacy training in partnership with Sport Wales

Volunteer training is something we take very seriously at Ziggies and with more emphasis being placed up to physical literacy and fundamental movement skills we have teamed up with Sport Wales to provide a bespoke training session for Ziggies volunteers to help them with preparing and delivering the games with confidence.

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7 people have now gained employment thanks to Ziggies

Seven of our amazing volunteers have secured employment in their schools as Classroom assistants, Teaching support and directly within the central Ziggies team. This is all thanks to the training and support they have received from Ziggies as well as their incredible commitment to supporting families and increase in confidence. We hope that with the ...

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Ziggies – a Volunteers story

I love Ziggies and I’m so glad I’ve had the opportunity to get involved, it’s been a great experience for both me and my children. I believe that it’s an invaluable tool for getting parents involved in their children’s education and development as well as the community, which is something I feel strongly about and ...

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Is a club where 3 to 8 year olds and their families come together to facilitate a fun free club that is centred around stories, creative activities and games.